Political Campaign Manager Agreement

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Political Campaign Manager Agreement

Amanda Tammen Peterson (former coordinator of the 1L Advising Initiative) is a transplanted Westerner with many years of experience in local and public political campaigns. Amanda, a registered Democrat, negotiated her first inter-party deal when she married her husband, a registered Republican. In a major campaign, these jobs should only be reserved for those with extensive experience in a substantial political field. You can develop this experience through work, either by developing deep expertise in a practical field, or more generally in think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, the Brookings Institution and the Center for American Progress. Political experience can also be developed on a smaller scale, whereas it is acquired in the Law School through intensive teaching or clinical experience or participation in groups such as the Federalist Society or the American Constitutional Society. If you mention that you are a lawyer when you first run for a campaign, one can assume that you want to do legal or political work. There is certainly some legal work that will use your training on most campaigns. This could include ensuring access to elections; assessing electoral laws to help develop absence and voting strategies; Measuring communications to meet different legal requirements Processing contributions and structuring fundraising events; Auditing contracts for staff, field offices, equipment and data; and when developing report documents to be presented to federal and/or government regulators. Note, however, that most campaigns, especially during primaries, have lawyers who deal with the various legal issues that might arise. Salary ranges for a campaign manager vary depending on the size of the political race.

Also remember that a law student does not make them more qualified for a campaign than someone with no legal experience. Employers appreciate the experience of the campaign. Although the work in question is essentially legal, the bar is more appreciated in the context of the campaign than unusual lawyers in another arena. This is not a despondity: they can offer essential value, even without campaign background.

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