Radiology Services Agreement

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Radiology Services Agreement

Requirements and/or objectives in these areas can be formulated by assessing past performance, calibrating with external service providers and modelling the expected effects of quality improvement and technology improvement projects planned for the duration of the agreement. For example, a hospital that plans to eliminate transcription and implement voice recognition should, when defining the objective in agreement with its radiologists, take into account anticipated improvements in transit time following the change. Expect that radiologists conduct and read business development activities are also interesting for hospitals and radiology groups, and this should be strengthened in the contract. While it is in the interest of radiologists to help the hospital gain market share (increasing volume is the most effective way to compensate for the drop in reimbursements), they may be reluctant to invest considerable time in practice. With the proliferation of responsible care organizations, the pressure to prevent recommendation leaks will increase, requiring the radiology group`s participation in marketing activities. In order to promote a high level of engagement in the hospital`s marketing programs, the PSA should incorporate performance standards into Ceinern, Physician Satisfaction and Patient Satisfaction. Radiologists should have the relationship with advertisers and incentives should encourage good habits in this arena. It should also be the responsibility of radiologists to educate and evaluate the performance of technologists, to define safety policies and to assist the head of department to improve day-to-day operations. As has happened with the development of the practice, these activities of the hospital and radiological group offer mutual benefits, as improved operational efficiency increases turnover for all. Similarly, a greater focus on safety also reduces liability for wrongdoing by both parties.

The inclusion of important operational and security oversight requirements in the formal description of the position of the President of Radiology is one way to deal with this issue contractually with the group. Take advantage of inclusion to get the buy-in In order to increase the commitment of radiologists to the hospital`s goals, it is important to give radiologists a “seat at the table” that allows them to understand and buy general business objectives. This can be done through inclusion in hospital committees and participation in discussions on strategic planning, system performance and payer strategy. The challenge is that many radiologists are not willing to participate in non-revenue activities and expect compensation for the time spent on administrative tasks and projects. While this is counterproductive, it is understandable in light of recent declines in radiologists` incomes. The problem can be resolved simply by requiring the committee`s participation in the EPI or, in certain circumstances, the hospital may meet with the group halfway through and provide compensation for the time spent on non-clinical activities. While some directors rank, the investment may be worth it if you consider that a private physician is unlikely to fully support the mission. Addressing it requirements in the health field in the negotiationsSo-simple to get it right, all parties are well served to the relationship. The hospital and radiology group should work together to select and use technologies that promote efficiency and quality, and evaluate possible solutions such as speech recognition, radiation dose monitoring or decision support software.

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