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Half Cliff Mountain

Half Cliff Mountain: World Games Station

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Public Art Project: rapid transit station canopy, concourses, entrances, and curtain walls.
Art Glass: 10,800 square feet (1,000 square meters )


Delacey Place

Artwork visible in the bottom of the second story swimming pool
as well on the ceiling of the lobby below.
How cool is that?

The Veil

The Veil

Saint Vincent de Paul Church, Houston, Texas
30′ tall interior curtain wall and glass columns


Sea Level

Private Residence, Marina del Rey, California
8 exterior windows, 1 master suite partition window


Carl Reiner, Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award, Temecula Valley International Film Festival, 1997
Glass tribute presented to the Actor / Writer / Director


A Sense of Residence

Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco
Two Main Lobby sculptural glass features, 14 foot diameter half-rounds



Earth and Moon

7’4” x 4’6” each, Double etched, silvered 1/4” tempered blue and gold glass in walnut frames,
Incandescent tube lighting and venting fans.



Eucalyptus Bough

Five layers of glass etched on both sides and superimposed (10 layers of artwork) based on hand drawn Eucalyptus bough.
Mounted on Purple Heartwood and Wangi Base.


North Wall

North Wall

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Houston
40 feet by 50 feet, the exterior layer is one-way Ford Blue Reflective Glass with Faux leading.



Entry Suite 11’ wide x 22’ tall x 1.5” thick
This laminated layered work is based on the idea of a Toucan flying through the rainforest.
Integrated in this façade is an electronically controlled pivoting door that operates silently.



Sitting in three exotic wangi and Brazilian purple heart wooden bases, each holding two panels of double-etched glass, the line work on the four surfaces seem to interact. Or do they?


New Wave

10 feet x 50 inches each, 1” thick, overlapping when closed.
Mounted in oil floated bearings and operate at the touch of a finger.


Under The Banyan Tree

Architectural skylight 12’ in diameter
Steel and hand blown German Fisher Art glass.
Executed in the copper-foil technique with copper plated metal work.


Gluttony (Seven Deadly Sins Series)

18” wide x 26” tall x 10”
deep framed and back-lit front layer of carved one-half inch thick glass with a clear layer behind that and a double etched mirror as the back.


Pelican Head

Entry 10’ wide x 8’ tall x 1/2 thick”
Double etched optical abstract art on tempered 1/2” Starphire low iron glass.


Tree Tops

15’ wide x 42” tall x 6”
Three layers of deep tempered Opti-white European low iron glass cut into the whiplash line-of-life shapes of tree boughs.


Ninth Wave

Bent glass layers of 1/2 inch glass,
3’ wide x 8’ tall x 2’ deep, the glass is mounted in rubber-lined slots in a custom concrete base as a garden pool sculpture.


Oak Grove

Two Panels, 4’ x 10’
Each of the panels consists of German Fischer hand-blown art glass.
Copper foil technique was used to join the hundreds of cut glass pieces, all of the metal work is copper plated.


Tree of Life

Back-lit framed mural 16 ½’ wide x 8’ tall x 6” deep
The double etched mirror graphically presents a spreading sycamore with fallen leaves gathered at the bottom of the panels.


The Greeter

Chrysler building at Irvine Spectrum, California,
16’ tall x 9’ wide and 16” deep.
Glass layers on a stainless-steel-clad reinforced concrete base and floated in a seismic sub-structure.

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A Japanese Maple

Two staged etchings on each surface of superimposed glass cause the etched leaves and boughs to move as the viewers’ motion changes the respective perspectives.


Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales

This free-standing stained glass sculpture and layered glass forest environment graces the hospitality bar at the worlds largest cold beer storage facility at Trident Distributors for Anheuser-Busch in Sante Fe Springs, California.



Two layers of glass with EORR proprietary etching from photographic source becomes kinetic with the motion of the viewer.



Sample for 50′ x 10′ hotel entry wall in Beijing


Ocean Wave

Handblown German Fisher Art Glass, Copper foil technique,  hand drawn artwork, copper plated metal work, brush coated custom steel sash, cap column to wine cellar from entry of ocean manse by famed archtiect Fred M. Briggs, AIA.


Pacific Wave

Spanish Wall dividing screen, cobalt and amber hand blown German Fischer artglass, copper plated metal work, copper foil technique.


Willow Weep for Me

Double etched mirror allows light to travel through.

7-24-2011 Document (006)

Lt. Thomas Armstrong

United States Army Air Corps, December 2, 1944