Specs and pics are of twin sculptures now stored on a glass rack here at my studio.
Casino, restaurant, night club, hotel, spa,
commercial lobby, high end residential venues could have uses for these twin sculptures.
They need a big room and tall ceilings. Since there are two of them,
flanking an entry or corridor would be a natural fit.

As they are there are open-air spaces so any use as a weather or sound barrier
would require a cover layer of glass.
Either interior or exterior use as space delineators ideal as-is.

Commission by Miami Four Seasons Hotel, 2002
Twin optically kinetic double-etched, double-bebeled, layered pure white crystal
glass sculptures flanking entrance to gourmet restaurant off main lobby.
Where the bevels are superimposed prisms project light. The multilayered etchings
move as the viewer moves by them, creating virtual motion.

Restaurant changed hands in 2013 and was remodeled.
The hotel returned the work to the artist for re-purposing.

Placed in channel on ledge 34” above finished floor, laser-etched water-spray, Aqua,
(taken from photograph of a water skier’s rooster-tail) as abstract on three panels each,
double beveled 1/2″ starphire low iron (crystal white) glass.
Abstract negative space resembles wine glass to some.

Substantial. Ethereal. A Light Machine.

Artist: Ron Wood (
Sold – 2001 (glass only)

Additional information
Dimensions72 × 6 × 80 in