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This sculpture, located in the lobby of the Chrysler building at Irvine Spectrum, California, is 16í tall x 9í wide and 16î deep. Glass layers on a stainless-steel-clad reinforced concrete base and floated in a seismic sub-structure. All stops between layers are clad in mirror. The work, based on the local tradition of the Laguna Beach Greeter, but executed through the inspiration of Zuni geometry, depicts a figure with the outspread arms of welcome. The work is made up of layers that vary in number over the face of the work, making kinetic moirÈ patterns that vary accordingly. The optics are so active in this work that people think the work is operated electrically. The multiple bevels form spectrum displays and virtual prisms where line of sight super-imposes them. The ìcolumnî is a single piece of glass with line work suggesting cylindrical volume.