Ocean Wave

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Handblown German Fisher Art Glass, Copper foil technique, hand drawn artwork, copper plated metal work, brush coated custom steel sash, cap column to wine cellar from entry of ocean manse by famed architect Fred M. Briggs, AIA.

Design Notes:

In 1972 Ocean Wave was my first commissioned work larger than a single window. It was also my first commission working with the legendary Fred Briggs, Architect. Fred was elected one of the world's top 100 architects by Architectural Digest. His innovative work included landmark structures such as the Laguna Nigel Library, The Laguna Beach Library, A smattering of hotels and a whole slew of James Bond style mansions. Fred passed away and I will always miss him, as should the world no longer to be improved by his stellar talent.

The dome and pierced concrete cylinder lead to a wine cellar in this ocean front 12000 square foot 30 million dollar house. The glass was picked from the now defunct German Fischer Art Glass Company. The blue contains real cobalt. The idea is of a wave breaking up against the side of the tower. In those days, before computers, and before I had much of a portfolio, my major sales tool was waving my hands and arms around in the air and talking. When this client seemed to not get the concept I drew it on a cantaloupe. That worked! Fred Briggs and I found an auto race shop to build the steel frame.