We Energies Owner Agreement

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We Energies Owner Agreement

System owners must enroll in the utility`s “Energy for Tomorrow” program, a green electricity program that gives customers the option to pay an additional amount on their monthly bills to support renewable energy. We Energies will use the solar energy purchased by customers with photovoltaic systems to provide part of the energy sold under the Energy for Tomorrow program. The program, which was commissioned in October 2005, initially allowed customers to participate until September 2008 or until the program reached a total of 500 kilowatts (kW) of installed photovoltaic capacity. However, We Energies received approval from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to increase its existing solar buyback rate effective May 14, 2007. The upper limit has now been raised to 1,000 kW and eligible customers can record up to 30 kW. September 2011 for a period of 10 years in this trial rate. All other program conditions remain the same. Participating customers must comply with applicable national, state, and local electrical regulations, rules, and regulations; the rules and regulations for the electrical operation of We Energies; the requirements of Chapter 119 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code; the State`s decentralised generation interconnection agreement and the “Energy for Tomorrow” energy partnership programme agreement. A second meter is needed to measure the performance of a photovoltaic system.

Customers with a Usage Time Plan (TOU) will have to pay $2.50 per month for the additional meter. other customers must pay $1.00 per month. For systems with a power of more than 40 kW, additional meter charges may apply. The minimum monthly fee under this program is the applicable installation fee plus the meter fee. Customers with photovoltaic systems of 20 kW or less do not have separate system fees. (Note that this installation fee applies to customers who sell electricity to We Energies. The fee is in addition to the normal monthly installation fee that applies to the rate plan under which the customer uses the electrical service as the purchaser of the business.) We Energies, a utility that serves parts of Wisconsin and Michigan, offers the purchase of electricity and associated renewable energy credits (RECs) generated by Wisconsin customers using qualified photovoltaic (PV) systems. Under a 10-year contract*, We Energies purchases 100% of the grid`s energy at a rate of 22.5¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the electricity produced. Photovoltaic systems must have a rated power of at least 1.5 kilowatt (kW) and not more than 100 kW to be eligible.

Customers receive a monthly credit for energy and REBs sold to We Energies and receive a cheque if a net amount accumulated exceeds $100. Customers participating in this program are not allowed to use a net meter. Application information, the revised tariff sheet and further information on We Energies` renewable energy programs are available online on the program website illustrated above. . . .

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