Tsilhqot`in Nation Agreement

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Tsilhqot`in Nation Agreement

The Tsilhqot`in Stewardship Agreement is a strategic engagement agreement between the Province of BC and Tsilhqot`in National Government (TNG) for the cooperative management of lands and resources. The Fraser Basin Council served as the secretariat for this project, from early discussions to the completion of the framework and the early stages of its implementation. The agreement is an ambitious agreement that will involve engagement and negotiations with multiple levels of government, Indigenous groups and industry stakeholders. However, the agreement does not specify the extent to which supporters and other interested parties are consulted or how their interests are taken into account in the application of the agreement. The agreement does not prevent the Tsilhqot`in Nation from entering into benefit compensation agreements or similar arrangements with operators in the sector, but parties with interests in the Tsilhqot`in area are expected to consult and adapt in the spirit of the agreement. WILLIAMS LAKE, BC, Aug. 28, 2019 /CNW/- The federal and provincial governments have joined the Tŝilhqot`in National Government and the six municipalities of Tŝilhqot`in, signing the Gwets`en Nilt`i Pathway Agreement (“Towards it, We are Striving”), a historic reconciliation agreement to support Tŝilhqot`in`s self-determination, five years after the Supreme Court of Canada`s landmark decision at Tsilhqot`in Nationcision, to party. The Nenqay Deni Accord is an important document signed between xx and xx on February 12, 2016. The importance of this agreement is that its creation was stimulated by the pioneering Tsilhqot`in Land Claim court decision of 2014. This agreement must provide the framework for the next steps in the establishment of Aboriginal title. First, the document deals with the steps in reconciliation between the Tsilhqot`in peoples and the Government of British Columbia. The general objective of this agreement is to define the conditions of management and control of the historic territory of Tsilhqot`in. The agreement will determine ownership of land for parts of the territory, while others would remain under provincial administration on behalf of the nation.

The plan will be developed through a five-year consultation process that began after the signing of the Agreement on September 10, 2014 and continues at the time of the letter of this Agreement. The land base must be categorized and organized to assign the country`s new managers. [3] At the end of the consultation period, a new management system will be put in place and will have a lasting impact on the entire province. As the agreement is only an agreement to be negotiated, industrialists, commodity companies and other interested parties are advised to closely monitor the negotiations between the province and the Tsilhqot`in Nation and, where appropriate, to advance their interests. “Today, the Tŝilhqot`in Nation is taking a historic step forward, while rebuilding its nation and defending its people…

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