Social Security Agreement Canada India

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Social Security Agreement Canada India

I am a permanent resident of Canada and emigrated in 2003 with my family from Trinidad, where I lived for 49 years. I contributed to Trinidad`s social security program for 24 years, including the three years between 2003 and 2006, when I lived in Canada but worked in a Trinidad company. Between 2006 and 2009, I worked for a Canadian company in a 28-day rotation cycle to Algeria. Between 2010 and mid-2017, my job required long absences from Canada in the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. I have consistently maintained my PR status since the first edition of 1997, paid taxes to CRA every year from 2003 to 2017 and filed returns for 2018 and 2019. I receive a CPP from 1716 $US and I applied in January 2019 for oAS, GIS and spouse`s allowance. I was informed in February 2019 by Service Canada that I was not eligible for the OAS because I did not meet the minimum 10-year requirement to reside in Canada. My case was sent to International Operations for further evaluation. Hi Mark – I won`t pretend to be an expert on the Canada/UK agreement, but I understand that it cannot be used to qualify for OAS benefits, as most other agreements allow. This means that to qualify for 20/40 OAS (about $300 per month from age 65), you must have 20 full years of residence in Canada. I mean, if you sponsor your parents for 10 years, they can`t take social assistance. Is GIS considered social assistance? Therefore, they will have to wait 10 years before the sponsorship contract is over before getting the GIS? Hello, Doug.

Question about the method of calculation of this method. I lived in Canada for 15 years during my OAS eligibility period, then moved to the United States and worked there for another 10 years before moving abroad. I understand that the agreement allows me to obtain AEO payments. But my question is: what do I receive? Hello Doug, your help is much appreciated. I am 15 years old, living in Courtice, Ontario. My question is about the survivor`s pension. My father is dead and, apparently, I have the right to apply for this pension here in Canada and in my father`s country, Chile. My father worked in Chile at a very young age for a short time before coming to Canada as he did 50 years ago. Both pensions operate in the same way. Until my 24th bin. Can I receive both survivors` pensions? (My mother divorced my father, at least she is not allowed for the survivor`s pension in Chile).

If I apply for the pension in Chile through Service Canada (Chile and Canada have an agreement), how does it work? If I apply to Chile, I have to get, among some of the documents they apply for, Chilean nationality, which I am not so interested in. To get this, I also need to get a Chilean identity card, much like our SIN, whose number is used for almost everything in Chile. So, just to begin with, I should have these two things through the Chilean consulate in Toronto. If I apply for the survivor`s pension in Chile through Canada, would it be the same with regard to the necessary documents, which means that I still have to do the same at the aforementioned consulate? That is what I want to avoid. Suppose I apply for the application on Canada, how does the payment of the Chile benefit work? I wouldn`t worry about paying from here. The Chilean institution sends money to Canada and Canada pays me? Doug, I`m starting from some things, as you can see, without knowing, for example, if I can get both pensions. .

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