Fulton Hogan Collective Agreement

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Fulton Hogan Collective Agreement

Our vision and goal is to be a successful and sustainable infrastructure company – to be in community, connected and caring for them. This is what we want to accomplish every day through the good work we do. We reward our employees for their good work, with strong career development opportunities and a number of social benefits. We take our role seriously and we want you to do the same. That`s why, if you join the Fulton Hogan family, we know how important our side of promise is. We offer ways to challenge you, learn and grow in a culture that values your opinion and works hard to keep you informed. They have the opportunity to work and learn from them with the best people in the industry at a wide variety of locations in Australia and New Zealand. You will be part of a team where you will be listened to, supervised and respected. You will go from the family. If you`re open to learning, new ideas, and different ways of doing things, we might be a good choice. We are looking for passionate people with a positive approach and a can-do attitude. If you want to have fun at work and have the courage to do the right thing, take a look and see where you could fit into the Fulton Hogan family. Our employees are the most important part of our business and our values are a way to keep the entire Fulton Hogan family on the same path.

Our values keep us REAL….

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