Envoy Tentative Agreement

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Envoy Tentative Agreement

“Envoy`s passenger service agents have partnered to commit to good jobs with family support salaries,” said Chris Shelton, president of the CWA. “It has been a long and difficult battle, but thanks to their hard work, determination and mobilization to support their negotiating team, they have an agreement they can be proud of.” I sincerely thank the negotiating committees of Envoy and the CWA, who worked very hard to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. I understand that all the details of the provisional agreement are provided by the CWA and forwarded to our agents for the full ratification of the membership. On June 21, 2019, CWA and Envoy Air entered into an Interim Agreement (TA). If ratified, the agreement would for the first time offer Envoy`s agents wage and social guarantees for the six-and-a-half-year term of the contract and protect them from arbitrary changes made by management to company policy. Specific processes, including union representation of all workers in dispute, would be put in place to protect workers` rights in the workplace. Trade union security and maintenance of affiliation: according to the Railway Labour Act, all workers covered by the agreement should pay union dues equivalent to 1.3% of the basic salary (excluding overtime) as a condition of employment. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about the provisional agreement. If you want to ask a question that has not been answered below, you can send an email message to [email protected]. We will update this document with answers to the most common questions. “For more than two years, CWA members have been fighting at Envoy for a contract with fair wages and family support and a contract that treats them with the respect they deserve,” said Chris Shelton, president of the CWA.

“Thanks to the commitment of our members, we now have a strong agreement that gives Envoy agents higher salaries, improvements in many departments, and better opportunities for agents who evolve while continuing to succeed envoy.” Pedro Fábregas, President and CEO of Envoy, thanked the two negotiating teams for their continued efforts and saw that this agreement would provide new opportunities for agents and position Envoy for growth. Envoy Air Inc., the largest 100% regional carrier in the American Airlines Group (AAG) and its passenger service agents, represented by Communications Workers of America (CWA), have reached a preliminary agreement on their first collective agreement. We need a healthy working environment. Are there any new rules at the TA on how to deal with one another? The provisional agreement focuses mainly on wages, social benefits and workers` rights at work. The agreement contains articles for health and safety with participation in safety committees What would be guaranteed in case of ratification of the TA is protection against arbitrary changes in company policy and the goats of managers. . . .

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