Cra Collective Agreement

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Cra Collective Agreement

The formal signing of the agreement means that new contractual conditions are in force. Only members of the bargaining unit are allowed to receive the $400 lump sum payment as of today. However, other monetary provisions, such as economic increases and wage adjustments, are retroactive. 35.02 Topics that may be considered appropriate for joint consultation shall be agreed upon by the Parties and shall include consultation on career development. The consultation may take place at local, regional or national level, as provided for in the Parties. This collective agreement is signed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the exceptional circumstances and social distancing restrictions imposed by health authorities, the parties have agreed to sign this collective agreement electronically. (a) The employer shall inform the worker of his or her years of continuous employment no later than three (3) months after the official date of signature of the collective agreement. For greater certainty, severance pay for the abolition of the voluntary separation indemnity (resignation and retirement) is considered a severance pay for the application of this clause, in accordance with the provisions of 19.05 to 19.08, under Annex “J” or similar provisions in other collective agreements. In the coming weeks, the PSAC will meet with representatives of the Board of Directors and the CRA to sign the new collective agreements. With the exception of retroactive monetary provisions, new contractual conditions will enter into force on the date of signature. The purpose of this memorandum is to give effect to the agreement between the Canada Revenue Agency and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (the Institute). PSAC members in the Program and Administration (PA), Technical Services (TC), Education and Library Science (EB) and Canada Revenue Agency (PSAC-UTE) bargaining units voted in favour of their respective preliminary agreements.

The four units represent nearly 110,000 public service employees who have done everything they can to support Canadians during this pandemic. The implementation and application of this enterprise policy instrument does not fall within the scope of this Declaration of Intent or the collective agreement. We thank the members of the two bargaining teams who, by working in a climate of cooperation and mutual respect, contributed to the success of this collective bargaining. 33.08 A worker may not earn or obtain leave credits under this Agreement, or in any month or in any fiscal year for which the worker has been credited or granted, in accordance with the terms of another collective agreement with which the employer is associated or other rules or rules of the employer. (a) Except in cases of emergency, recalls, custody agreements or reciprocity, the employer shall, to the extent possible, inform at least twelve (12) hours in advance of all overtime requirements. (b) Such information shall be communicated to workers by communications published by the employer in places where such communications are most likely to be brought to the attention of workers subject to the appeal procedure, or in another manner agreed between the employer and the institute. . . .

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