Shared Vision Agreement

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Shared Vision Agreement

This is our ongoing work at Orange Grove, as we include all collaborators, parents and students in clarifying and revising the vision. Our challenge is to create such an area and then support it – by involving all stakeholders, by associating community building activities and creating an environment of support, respect and trust. Only then will the vision testimonies be framed on the side and will seek each collaborator and each ceparage of the organization. Vision is an important part of our daily lives at Orange Grove High School in Tucson, Arizona. People who go to our campus may feel that something is different. Things seem to happen with minimal effort and a lot of joy. We find that new students are positively affected by culture in a short period of time. If they come from a situation where they have behaved negatively, those habits seem to diminish as soon as they arrive on our campus. That is what has happened with the staff — we have minimized some of our negative habits, because the strength of our vision influences us and allows us to achieve the desired results. When we started the process of developing a common vision, we decided to start with a personal vision based on what Peter Senge and others had taught us. So we wanted to find out what everyone in the organization – teachers, animators, librarians, education assistants, secretaries – thought about our school. In particular, we asked people to think about what an ideal school should do and what it would look like.

One of the wonderful results of our vision process is that we have reached a certain degree of organizational maturity. This notion of “organizational maturity” comes from one of our advocates for the citizens of Orange Grove. He describes the difference between refinement and maturity as the difference between many ideas and the ability to actually process them, both inside and out. 3) As you move towards the end of your vision, test it from these repositories to make sure it`s a DRIVING vision. If you take z.B. Kotters Leading Change, 8-step model. He talks about the creation of the burning platform, the construction of the common vision, the importance of communication and the measures necessary to turn to its ultimate goal. In fact, some people like to start studying the current reality, but I have found that it reduces the breadth and size of the vision if you do. Sometimes I start by looking at the biggest environment – trends and what`s happening in the world, politics, technology, industry, etc. and at a big level within the organization — but it`s about putting the stage on it and focusing on the work. 2) Discuss each of the three elements of a compelling vision as a team. Arrange the essentials and type in the keywords that clearly communicate the agreed ideas.

Do not finalize the text. 1) Develop an ongoing communication plan within the team to coordinate efforts, provide feedback on your progress and keep your vision alive.

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